Security Car

I’ve been noticing this feature that is yet to be implemented since a year ago (I guess). I’ve not heard much about this feature from the developers or anyone as far as I’ve noticed. So, I want to ask everyone; what does it do? What can/will be the main purpose of the security car in ACEO? I’ve never even seen one operate in real life either. So, I’ve made some research in terms of a picture of how the security car will look like. Please feel free to comment on what you guys think about my idea and what you all think too.


I believe this has already been mentioned in a dev long or somewhere in the forum.
If I am correct this will come in a touch up airport operations update.
Also I am sure someone will get a more detailed place to where you can see the feature.


It’s In alpha 36 It says in

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Wow, can’t wait for it then:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

The Security Car has different purposes, like checking the runway (and taxiways) for “FOGs” (Foreign Object Damage, e.g. parts lost by planes) or countermeasures agains birds .

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