Security bug or I am doing it wrong

I set up my security station and the zoning is fine. My problem is staff go in the security checkpoint, then the exit sign shows above their head. They leave through the security exit and the security desk icon shows above their head. And this repeats forever.

I made a new airport and the problem is still happening. If you need a new screenshot tell me.

Hello leadernate,

I don not know exactly, what´s going on there, but do you have staff rooms? Either in secure or in unsecure zone? I can imagine, that your staff is searching for a staff room alternatly within the different zones: Once they are in the secure zone they search a staff room (or probably a bathroom :thinking:) and when they cannot find one, they change zone and search again and so on…
Please tell me: do you have problems with job task “catching” or delayed flights cauesed by missing staff?
In any case you can fill the in game bug report, if it feels like a bug or an unwanted behavior to you.
Greetings Leon

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