Secure Zone Troubles with Alpha 31

Hey guys, my airport has seem to run into a bug where all the passengers will just form a group before the entrance to the line for the security checkpoint. I just moved my check in and security to the 1st floor of my airport and for now the escalator in the secure zone connects to the secure zone on the ground floor. Zones have been checked and checkpoint is fully staffed so I can’t seem to find a problem. I would really appreciate some help, thanks!

Edit: Seems to have fixed itself when I removed my queue and remade it… Any insights to why this bug still seemed to happen?
Edit 2: Nevermind they just are forming a group again… :man_facepalming: lol

Did you send a bug report?

Does anyone else have troubles with ramp agents ? I started a new map for the alpha 31, but ramp agents can’t perform round services + they can’t reach any plane stand.

Can we have some screenshots with zones enabled?

YES same!

Keep on mind that with jetbridges being on the first floor, ramp agents need a ground floor access point

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And remember that roadsides are no longer pavement, so, they need a door onto the platform, that is not a road.

Even with the ground access, there is now way for ramp agents to get to the stand, whether i just open the wall or add a door. In my opinion, is that the ground access point is not located within a security zone (no security check). However, if it is the case, that mean the double floor layer makes its useless since both decks need to be secured. At least, the floor makes it useless in my airport configuration.

On another note, i would like to congratz the devs with this update. Regardless the minor issues i have (which will disappear with the time with update and also some learning) the floor update is by far an awesome addition to the game. Keep up with your amazing work !

Then how should i set up my airport to enable a path for my ramp agents ?
Here you can find a screenshot of my aiport :

Is that ground floor or first floor?

this is the ground floor.

Their acces aint secure zoned

On the left top, you have tunnel, if you add a pedestrian path there, that is secure, ramp agents can get ont he first stand, and walk onto the others. Same the bottom row.

thanks a lot ! just tried to add some random security gates, it works ! well airport design is getting harder, i like it.


Maybe you could also move this discussion to the support section jasper? As not to cluth up The update section.

Ah, I did not notice, lets find out how to move all this to there.

now renamed the topic, and it is referred from the announcement thread

Is the problem still peristent wiirock or have you fixed it?

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Sadly Pathfinding is completly broken on my multiple Floor Layout.

This is Level 1.

My Passengers go through the Security Checkpoints and then get stuck behind the Security Checkpoints on Level -2. If i cancel a flight they find their way, to Level 1 taking the green Route to the Exit on Level -1, but they can’t take the red Route to board a Plane. The Routes are exactly the same, until they reach the Level 1 Floor. The Blue Route Deboarding is also working, only boarding isn’t working

They all start at Level -2

Both exit and boarding would take the same route (Yellow), until they seperate on Level 1. Exit Route is Green, Broken boarding Route is Red
Level -1
Level 0

Level 1

@Daywalker1986 does that route with red drawing have secure area?

I had this too, but then with people who had to go to a security station. Will look for the save and report it, I thought I did something wrong with escalators.