Secure vs Staff zone auto removal

I write it in support subforum because I think those two behavior have their action reversed.

When removing something with a staff zone, like the boarding or check in desk, the staff zone stay on the ground while there is absolutely no use for it to stay except perhaps if we want to rebuild the same at the same exact location, but this is unlikely.
And when removing a security checkpoint, the secure zone under it get removed while as long as we don’t manually want to remove the entire area, there is almost no reasons to remove it.
In both case if we want to delete for upgrading or moving any of those two, we need to delete/add the area they have messed with.
Note :
It doesn’t affect the security exit which don’t remove the secure area.
It work with blueprint too (before objects are build/before contractors start to build them) when removing them.

Area before (just a secure zone one side and none on the other side) :

Area with blueprint (note that staff zone are visible at this point prior it get constructed) :

Constructed (the entire checkpoints area is staff zone for some reasons) :

Now deconstructing all the stuff (zones are still here) :

And the result when all stuff are deconstructed (a mess) :

This isn’t game breaking, but surely this is annoying, and if we don’t remember to do this everytime, we might not understand why our secure area is broken and why passengers can’t pass through a certain part of the terminal because of staff zone.


I definitely agree that the behavior should be reversed, and staff zones should be removed when the items are, but secure zones should not. As you’ve said, it is a minor annoyance, would be a nice QoL improvement.

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Many questions here would not have been asked and answered if that bug would not exits.

When building an object, it should save the zone-condition that were there before. Removing that object should restore the previous zones.
That’s not perfect but better than the current behavior.


@Olof interesting :slight_smile:

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