Secure checkpoint not connected

Can someone please look at my screenshots of my airport and tell me what would cause “security checkpoint not connected” to show for all my stands? Everything is in the secure zone. This is the 5th or 6th airport I’ve built and had this issue. Please someone look and tell me what I need to do different!!

Where are your screenshots?

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Ya there are no screenshots

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@cellnut Welcome to the forums. Could you please post links to the screenshots you intended to show? I understand new forum members can’t immediately post pictures so you’ll have to link them.

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As everyone has stated, please post a few pics with zones enabled! Your issue is mot likely that the zone from the stand is not reaching the zone by the security checkpoints! :slight_smile:


Sorry for the delay. Some reason my account was on home again, and I couldn’t reply. Here’s the link:

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I think you have a major problem as;

  • Where are your airplane parking stands?
  • How do you plan to transport passengers in between stands and boarding desks

I suggest you to follow in-game tutorial to figure them out


i think your problem is caused by having your secure area exit blocked with walls on it’s exit.
edit: probly not the only issue, i see no stands or shuttle bus stops with a walkable connection to the boarding desks.

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So you have to have a connection from the boarding Desks to the stands? Like what?

If the stands are closeby enough you can lay terminal foundation or sidewalk towards them. If they’re too far for a walkable connection you need to make the stands remote.

Setting up the remote stands

A remote stand needs a shuttle bus stop and a service car stop next to the terminal. Then you open the boarding desk menu and connect the shuttle bus stop. After that you open the stand menu and connect the service car stop.
Make sure you have a shuttle bus and a service car. (more than one if you’re doing this on several stands).
Make sure the shuttle bus stop and service car stop are secure zoned.

A little info on remote stands

When the plane arrives, the bus parks on the stand to let deboarding passngers in. He will drop them off on the shuttle bus stop. Ramp agents will come to the service car stop where they get in the service car wich dropps them off on the stand. When boarding starts, passengers walk from the boarding desk to the shuttle bus stop and get in the bus to be dropped off on the stand. When the ramp agents aren’t needed anymore, they will be picked up by a service car and dropped off on the service car stop.

Okay, thank you so much!! That worked. Now I have another problem. It says people can’t leave the secure zone after the bus drops them off. Any ideas?

Do you not have secure zoned sidewalk between the stop and the terminal?

Did you place a secure exit?

They did, into a wall…



Boi :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I actually fixed the wall but it’s still doing it. How do they leave the Bus shuttle stop?

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More screen shots with zones would still be good to help you :slight_smile:

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