Secure Baggage Bays?

Whats up with the fact that a lot of people put baggage bays in a secure area?

  • It very well functions outside the secure zone.

  • You also have less staff to secure check.

  • And less zoning issues.

  • And I think less strain on pathfinding (each time staff enters the secure area adds another queued unit)

I believe that there is a tutorial that tells them that the baggage bay needs to be in a secure area. I’ll have to reload the game to see if it’s the one in the game itself or another.

You cant put outside of the boarding (secure) area but de cargo bay must be place as a secure zone with a small securuty counter to work properly, the AirportCEO wikia and the tutorials says the same.

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My complete baggage structure outside of secure area’s, working perfectly.

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