Seatingrows in Secure-Areas not useable

Hey CEOs and Devs.

Anybody else has the same issue, that in your Airport, the Seatingrows in the Secure-Area after a gameload not useable for your Passengers? Only after reassign them as Secure-Zone?

Current Alpha on Experimental

Yes, my game has that too; i have the idea that toilets have the same problem. The PAX on the seating are also stuck.

okay that’s good to know.

I found a way to solve it, without deleting and rebuilding everything;

  1. remove the secure zoning
  2. replace the secure zoning


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But it’s enought when you only mark the seatings as secure again. It’s not necessary to unmark them.

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Does this issue reoccur every time or is it tied to the save?

Yes, it does.

I’ve had it happen occasionally and find quitting and reloading fixes it.

It happens on a lot of loads.

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