Screen keeps moving

In my current save the whole sceen keeps moving slowly. It only happens when you turn the camera to face West-East or East-west. Not when you face North-South/South-north. The movement is slow and almost not visible when you are zoomed out. However, when zoomed in you can clearly see that the whole sceen moves.
Does anyone else have this (what I assume is) bug?

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Yes have the same bug, I already filed a report while version 21.9 was ongoing :wink: How ever good additional Info on the camera orientation didn’t notice that one :+1:

This is know, it is due to float value imprecision when camera is rotated (90.0000001). We have not managed to find out why this is causing a slow movement upwards but will get back to the issue once more priority bugs are solved.


This is almost as ridiculous as centering the countdown clock… it’s honestly easy to implement a conveyor belt system compared to getting that damn camera to stop moving… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well it helped me work out that you’d accidentally implemented gamepad support to create movement (which I thought was the original problem) (And subsequently use a virtual joystick to stop the movement)