Schengen Zone

After months of behind the scene work, days of research and many overpriced energy drinks, I finally decided to find and replace 29 country codes. At the mere price of national identity you can now operate domestic flights within the Schengen zone.

I have removed all national entries in the CountryData.json and replaced it with one new country; the “European Union”. At the same time I have searched and replaced all country codes in the AirportData.json with the new “EU” country code.

Download & Install

Download link to the Google Drive folder

Download the two files and replace the existing files in

Steam\steamapps\common\Airport CEO\Airport CEO_Data\DataFiles\GameData\JSON

This will bork any existing savegame and this step might need to be repeated every single time the game updates. To un-bork existing savegames open this file

\AppData\Roaming\Apoapsis Studios\Airport CEO\Saves\TestAirport\GameData.json

and update the countryCode and countryName values to “EU” and “European Union”


That’s very cool. Exited to try this out and also see the feedback :slight_smile:

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This is actually a really good idea and a pretty nice and easy fix to something like the Schengen zone complexity! :smiley:


We just have to check before loading a savegame that the file has not been overwritten after a patch.

Or if devs put it in somehow. Inspiration is everywhere :smiley:

Your description here should go in to a third file. Like a Read me, where to put the files and other useful information.

Suggestion for the Devs: Check whether CountryData.json and AirportData.json exist in the user data folder; if yes use those, otherwise use the files shipped with the game. That way it’s easy to create user defined mods.
For the luxury version the game could even officially support modding for those files, but I guess that would need more work.
Of course that only works as long as the files are not changed to binary (for example for better performance during beta phase).

Good to hear it worked.

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@Olof you think you could add some kind of a tick box in the map screen when we select city, to have schengen on or off ?

Maybe Fredrik will take a look at it during beta… :wink:


I think it’s best done as a mod… Sadly this is not moddable yet

Just curious Olof, what engine did you program this in?

ACEO is running on Unity and C#! :slight_smile:

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Noice! I’ve had a play in unity and c# i loved it :smiley:

I must say although theres some bugs here and there…What you’ve achieved with this game is excellent!


Wow that’s awesome :+1:. I even got large planes flying to northern Norway from Switzerland

Is this still working with you? My Gamedata-file always resets itself and indicates as Countrycode/Name “N/A”.

It is working for me, did you try it on an existing savegame? Old savegames will still have the ‘old’ countries, which no longer exist in the mind of the game. You can edit the save file to resolve it

Weird! Yeah, I tried it on an existing save and changed the country data in the save-file. Nevertheless it changes it back to “N/A” when i restart the game.
I believe actually that my system has an issue with the Schengen-JSON-file. As i changed my airport country data back to Germany, I noticed that all the existing flight destinations where marked with “N/A”. And no new destinations where generated. After restoring the original JSON-file I got the destinations back. Very strange!

It’s not just the Airport JSON file that needs to be kept in place. I think the CountryCode is required too.

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That is correct, both files are required.

As mentioned in the original post, the Schengen zone comes at the cost of national identity. The game has a list of airports with a variable for their country, and a list of countries. For all airports in the Schengen zone to be counted as the same country, the countryData file changes the individual countries into one ‘master’ country, The European Union. The AirportData file then changes all airports which previously fell under the individual countries, to fall under the new ‘master’ country of the “European Union”.

If you want to regain national identity, you could change your region, which currently reflects the nearest large city, into “Germany”. That way you can sacrifice your rural identity for your national identity.