Scheduling Runway Maintenance

Okay I’m back.

Runway maintenance could be easily made much better and realistic. A daily scheduled maintenance in a time slot on the aircraft scheduler would take up certain amount of time. Staff would in this schedule maintenance time would repair the runway. The player should be allowed to choose the time and frequency of times the runway is closed and repaired.

Just a small idea that would be cool I guess.


That would indeed add more realism to the game, I think this idea is between this feature from @ncg75 and this feature from @Bush_Snake. Maybe an idea to bundle all three ideas in one big maintenance feature?


Putting the maintenance time on the aircraft scheduling interface is a pretty good idea, I think that would work nicely


100% this is a really basic but influential feature in the game
I’ve created a feature voting page with more detail (

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What about this feature, also adds a lot of realism to game closing airport for runway maintenance or maybe even maintenance for objects inside the airport.
Giving a kind of “repair runway slot” depends on how much runway is damaged, more damage = longer repair times if it’s damaged to 2 % it can take days to finish repair, but bumps up airline satisfaction.
It would also require time overhaul not just 12 days = 1 year more like this:


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