Scheduling Idea

I’d like to see option for airlines to do longer-term scheduling than a week or so at a time. Options could include year-round or seasonal, with preferential arrival times. In other words, an airline could request a 3 pm arrival time and pay $3,500 – but pay $2,750 if you schedule them in at 3 am. In any event, this would allow sometimes for some predicability in scheduling.

To make things a little more fun and complex would be the addition of charter flights. Airlines you have a signed contract with might want to do one-off (or a very limited run) of flights at a higher rate than usual – $5,000 rather than $3,500 for example – but with specific requirements, such as the flight must arrive and depart at a specific time (unlike regular flights).


Charter flights would be great! But I think we need general progress in Airline-Airport business relations first to get all of this done. And right now, we wanted more complex building structures like multi-storey terminals and remote stands, so we will get them before we get something else. And performance might be an issue with airports that complex.

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