Schedule Full But No Operations, No Takeoff / Landings

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

I am in year 3 for my terminal. I know there is a current bug being worked on where remote stands freeze everything up. I’m not sure if this is my issue. Playing on the “Experimental Version”

All flights are not coming to my airport anymore. It appears that everything is frozen. Passengers are still moving and workers still moving, but no security, boarding / deplaning, no takeoff / landings for ALL stands ect. I quit the game and reload. After the reload everything picks back up to normal for a few minutes until the current aircraft that arrived are serviced and then depart. After all those aircraft depart there are no more arrivals again.

I’m trying to get a screen shot of my airport with external view, but for some reason it fails to upload.

Please inform if I need to provide any additional information.

Thanks developers.

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