Schedule for flights

Just a recommendation, think it would be better for the schedule to be on a rolling basis. I.E. If I allocate an Air Maple flight on the Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am, it would only operate that route on those days. Bit too micro management keeping to add flights each day or even have the best of both worlds and have a tick box on the schedule if you want them to stay on those days. Just a thought!


Devs said they will improve flight schedule system and airline contracts in close future.


I agree it’s REALLY ANNOYING to schedule all the flights one by one.

Yeah, this was highlighted extensively in testing and various solutions were discussed and proposed. The devs didn’t want to change anything major in the game as they wanted it stable for release, however now it’s released one of the major focusses after the initial bug rush should be the flight planning and contracts systems.

I hope so, happy with the game otherwise :slight_smile:

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