Schedule and turnaround enhancements


To add to our recent hopes regarding the “gaming experience” update, I’d like to compile a few thoughts regarding airline schedules and turnarounds to make them more real life.

  1. Turnaround time → Min turnaround time.

I would like to kindly request, so that the turnaround time becomes a min turnaround time for a given plane type/size. Examples: a) base aircraft arriving 23:30, leaving 06:00, occupying the stand for 6:30; b) legacy airlines adjusting their turnaround times to hub wave times. That would introduce some variety into schedule which is quite square these days :wink:

  1. Turnaround time –

I would like to request to decrease the turnaround time to more market related value (let’s say 40 minutes for medium a/c) with assumption that the only service is pax out and in. Then - fueling would add extra 20, cleaning extra 30, etc. Perhaps even airline would request a turnaround while Airport CEO would decide whether it is feasible or no with possibility to further parametrisation in auto scheduler. :slight_smile:

  1. Aux services per airline

I would like to request possibility to enable aux services per contract. That would allow to emulate distinction between LCC and legacy carriers, leverage assets more effectively and grow the airport at at a reasonable pace (baggage system could be enabled only for one airline for beginning).

  1. (more complex, but definitely nice to have) - Static or dynamic stand allocation

It was covered in many other requests, for sake of simplification could be simplified to airline ratings perhaps - 1 star stands can be remote for smaller a/c, 2 star stands contact w/o jetway etc. Up to you.

Thanks and sorry for raising this one more time. It would just be a pity to learn that the next build is completed without at least considering these. :slight_smile:


It takes as long as it takes.

I’m against setting fixed turnaround times.
Turnaround-time is more complex, it includes the time for all actions (line maintenance, un/loading, de/boarding, cleaning, de-icing, pushback etc) and the time for the specific agents who do the job to get there. Also, not everything can be done at the same time, some has to be done in a sequence (de-boarding, cleaning, boarding for instance).
The planning and organizing of all this activities is an important part of the gameplay, I wish we’d had more options here (like to have a say about when a ramp agent or a bus starts to go to the stand).

The time needed for the single tasks should be variable; , e.g. cleaning, depends on the amount of workers and their equipment, at the end on the contract.
Boarding and de-boarding also depends on how many buses, stair tracks, jetways are available.

If you have a good airport design, it should decrease the time needed for turnaround.

I would like a slider to set and change the time the aircraft is on the ground for

I get you, I really do. In fact, the best scenario would be where the turnaround time is a RESULT of our performance, but value set a-priori. I was just trying to point out the quickest wins. :slight_smile:

Extreme case - Ryanair with 25 mins turnaround time for pax, baggage and refuelling. :slight_smile:

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Result of the performance would really be cool. At first the airlines go for a long default time and once you prove you’re able to handle them quicker, the time will reduce (and the airline will be happier resulting in more offered flights because they save money with short turnaround).
Could be part of the rating update when things start to matter.

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