Saving to Steam Cloud

Hey guys I have a quick question, how do download one of my saved airports to the steam cloud? I’m trying to play across multiple computers.

Just to clarify, is your save on Steam cloud already, or are you having difficulty getting your save into the cloud?

The title conflicts with the question in my eyes.

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Save/synchronize save games with steam cloud doesn’t work, at least for me…
Had it activated, but saves hadn’t been uploaded, so weren’t available on another computer…

Perhaps a workaround could be uploading savegame to workshop (ingame, main menu) and download it from workshop on the other computer…
But for changing computer frequently, this is exhausting, I guess…

The Steam cloud saving should be enabled by default and working fine.

I know the synchronization is working, at least for me, because when I delete obsolete saves from AppData when the game isn’t running, they will be re-downloaded at the time when launching the game the next time (so the best is to delete them when the game is running).

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Cloud is working fine for me. Check your steam cloud settings and steam download/upload settings as well.

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