Saved game won't load

Hello, I just started to have troubles with loading my saved airport. When I pull up my saved airport it only shows the loading page. Can anyone help me find the solution to the problem?This is also on a PC.

@Fredrik @Olof

Have you tried coming out of the game and loading it up again?

Yes, I have to escape the game and go back in. I’ve even restarted my computer but it still wouldn’t work.

Hey! How large is the save files in terms of megabytes?

I have 158 GB’s of free storage out of 232 GB’s.

Not sure how this answer is relevant to the question asked :wink:

How big are the files in your save folder? If you have a large save, it might mean it needs a lot longer to load

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I only have one saved game, I’m currently backing it up which needs 1547 MB’s out of 153674 MB’s that are available on a disk that I have. Is that what you are looking for?

Your save game is 1Gb? :open_mouth:To be clear, we ate talking about the .json files in your aceo saves folder.

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I would also like clarification on this… if so, you’ve either broken the record for largest airport of we have a serialization bug on our hands… :stuck_out_tongue:

The airport that I saved isn’t that big I would classify it as an up-in-coming regional Airport. When I try to open up my saved game I can hear the notifications coming in, the time is still going, and I’m able to check the flight schedule. The flight schedule shows that there are no flights scheduled even though I remember having my schedule packed for the whole week. I probably found the wrong thing but when I find the right one I will, so we could find a fix to this problem.

I think it’s easiest if you just send in the save as a bug report and we can check it out! :slight_smile:

Where can I find the bug reporter Icon, can’t find it on the main screen or on the steam page.

I bet you that it is a serialization issue because, I have a small save file, but it logs as a large file.

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Go to and then press the “Report Bug” button! :slight_smile:

Okay I sent the bug report. One of them is very large and you might not be able to get see it. Good luck and let me know what you find. THANK YOU!!! @Olof @Fredrik

You uploaded a Steam backup? Normally people zip their save folder that contains the .json files

The steam back up was in my save folder

Also I couldn’t see what was in the files