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I am trying to post a bug with a saved game file as my shop is behaving strangely with franchise workers ending up on the other side of the wall and then get stuck, however, the report a bug option on the website gives a path to the saved files on MAC that doesn’t exist.

Does anybody know where they are stored so I can upload?


You usually need to show hidden files since Library might be hidden, have you tried this?

Same problem here… Even with all files visible there is no folder with:

Apoapsis Studios/Airport CEO/Saves/SAVE FILE NAME

in Application support.

You can hold down the alt/option key and the click ‘go’ in the top menu bar. Click Library on that menu. Then head to application support and scroll down to unity.Apoaps…Airport CEO. From there you will see a saves folder

Can someone maybe help me with telling where the save games ar on Windows 10? IN what folder are they?

I have found it… if you open finder… keep hold of ALT as someone else mentions and click GO, then LIBRARY… the folder is called “unity.Apoapsis Studios.Airport CEO” I was looking for A, which is why I couldn’t find it initially.

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My computer said ther is no map namdes **unity.**Apoapsis Studios.Airport CEO

Owin, I was referring to MAC OS for this one sorry, I don’t have a Windows machine so I can’t advise.

No problem!

The Bug Reporter has the fix to find the files on MAC. Follow those and you can find the folders.

Thanks everyone!!!

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