Save won't load

Hello guys,
when I try loading my save it gets to this stage and then gets stuck- any ideas how I can fix this?

The save has also not got any date next to it

Does the .json files look intact? How old is this save?

I started the save at the weekend and how do I check if the json files are intact?

If you open and check the .json files, do they all have correct text in them or are some filled with “NULL”?

Sorry, where do I find the json files?

My save games always take forever on that screen… I wonder how much about structures being deleted and remaining in the save game files… I say this because it’s really bad on my file that has gone through lots of airport revisions… I mean it takes a really long time. Granted, most of the real estate is occupied, but it takes a really long time.

With large savefiles, that part can take long. If you do a mouseclick or anything on your keyboard windows will think your game is crashing while it isn’t.

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