Save file with multiple baggage belts?

Hi all,

I’ve been playing Airport CEO for a while, but still can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong with the baggage belts. Is there anyone that can share a saved file with multiple baggage belts, all integrated into one system?

I would like to check how you did it and what I did wrong :slight_smile:



Welcome to the forums @Jorgje :slight_smile:

What issues are you having exactly? If you can, post some screen shots of your current setup and what you’re trying to do and we can hopefully help you trouble shoot a bit better :slight_smile:

This might be helpful with some explanations:

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Thank you, Daniel!

This is my current setup. First, baggage is loaded from the check-in desks. This seems to be working fine, they are transported to the loading belts.

This is where they arrive, on the top of the picture. As you can see, I have a belt to each loading belt and one from the loading belts.

At each connection to the loading belt, I’ve placed a tilt, set to ‘to destination’.

Still, they continue on, to the collection belts (not pictured).

So, I have no clue what I’m doing wrong.

Mixing incoming and outgoing on the same belt may be causing issues, not sure.

Strange as that shouldn’t be an problem with ‘to destination’,that destination would still be one of the 2 baggage bays.

@jorgje Can you remove the tilt tray at the incoming baggage so that it simply drops on the belt? So replacing it with a straight belt.

See if it doesn’t accidentally wants to take the second tilt tray but then gets blocked by the direction of that belt.


I’ve found the problem: incoming and outgoing baggage should be on two different systems. I’ve just disconnected them and now it’s all working fine.

Thanks for your help, guys! Much appreciated!

I have my baggage on one Belt system… you might just need one tilt tray for the outgoing baggage (to airplane)

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Hmmm… that’s weird. So it does work with you. I’ll build another airport and try it with only one tilt. Let’s see what happens :slight_smile:



I have 3 baggage bays in a row setup like I have shown and it works… but if you have a full day of non-stop flights it gets slow

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I’ve honestly never thought of having both incoming and outgoing on the same belt, it should theoretically work but since it is likely the devs didn’t envisage it being used that way, there are likely to be idiosyncrasies with how the mechanics operate. But as @ThePope shows, it does look like it works!

That said, my bays can barely keep up with separated systems so I imagine it would slow down pretty quickly.

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