Sanbox mode money?

When I created a new airport, I checked the box “sanbox mode” on “easy”. In game I enabled “full sandbox” via the debug menu. This means my account balance always stays at 2 mil. I’d like to be shown my actual account balance but be able to build even if it’s negative. I tried to uncheck the “full sandbox” in the debug panel, but it seems to have no impact on the game.
What am I missing?

Sanbox mode just lets you continue buying stuff while your balance is red.

The sandbox mode did infact show your current balance to go into the negative range till the Alpha 29 version. I do not know about the Alpha 30 version as i jumped from version 29 to 31. On Alpha 31.6.2 it is as you said. The account balance doesn’t change and remains constant at $2 million. I’m guessing that this change was intended. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Same here, was definitely different a few updates ago. Can one of the developers please confirm that this is intentional?

I suspect that this is not the case anymore as previously outlined.
In the past, checking sandbox mode during airport creation meant “negative balances allowed”. The full sandbox in which the balance remained unchanged could be turned on or off in the debug menu F10.
However now the balance doesn’t change, regardless of what I do…

Didn’t play sandbox for a while, so didn’t notice this change. Still don’t like this change, as I loved building the airport going into debt and watching getting positive again.

Most likely there have been to much reports by people which aren’t used to this style of sandbox, but expecting the balance to be frozen, so this got changed. I’ve read this kind of complaints from time to time.

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Yep, that’s what I also like(d).

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