Same topics as Reddit

As newer people arrive here who may have not seen the reddit before and post a new topic on here? People might get annoyed as it has been said on the Reddit. Do we reply saying that it has been said on the Reddit and to look there first, or what do we do?

Just asking so the forum community will know how we can deal with something like this if it may happen

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This is a different space so it’s inevitable that repeat conversations will occur. Even on Reddit there are a quite a few repeated suggestions and ideas.

I think that, if you know somethings been repeated, it’s pertinent to bring up the associated Reddit thread for reference. But I’d implore other members to respect that the other poster probably hasn’t had the opportunity to contribute to that discussion (and may not even have participated in Reddit at all) and that having another discussion on this site is perfectly reasonable.

Let’s have a positive environment where we can encourage discussion.


Indeed, the overlapping will be inevitable and I think it should be allowed but, as said, integrating any reddit links could definitely add to the discussion of that specific topic.

The forum allows for a lot better search functions and, more importantly, moderation possibilities. The biggest issue with keeping everything in the subreddit was that we couldn’t change topic titles (stuff like “Idea” or “Question” and categorize stuff, this is now all possible meaning that the discussions have better overall prerequisites.

We’ll have to work together to make sure that as much of the content as possible gets mentioned here as well when relevant, although we do have everything saved and categorized internally (for use as devs)! :slight_smile: