Sahara Jetways

Airline Name: Sahara Jetways

Airline Description: The north of Africa is a growing trade for tourism and business. Many people have tried to provide options for transport. However, roads can become impassable for long periods of time in which the air is the only option.
Therefore, Sahara Jetways flies over the dunes, run by a Moroccan, Youssouf Ibrahim, the best airline in northern Africa is rapidly expanding to encompass tourist flights to destinations around the world. With hubs in Morocco and Egypt, Sahara has retained its small local flights within the Great Desert, but is also a great example of thriving business in Africa.

Airline CEO Name: Youssouf Ibrahim

Airline Design Image:


A somewhat “quiet” design and yet very recognizable. Fits the African theme very well in my opinion.

Thanks a lot! That quiet and subtle feeling was exactly my aim!

(Second paragraph is airline description. The first is just backstory.)