Safety Requirements

For this game would it not be a good idea to make “Goals” for your airport to meet a certain requirement of Safety to be recognized by an organization allowing more airline contracts and more airlines willing to come to your airport.


I really like this idea. It would be great to see this influence the flights that are offered to the airport. Maybe there could be a five star safety rating, and certain contracts only come along with a higher star rating? For example, Stripe Air might not open a base at an airport until they have a 3* safety rating.

Safety could be related to various things, such as upgrades and staff training. Some of the player’s decisions could even knock the safety rating down - for example, having two runways too close together would knock the safety rating down.

My only worry with this is that a lot of the suggestions are sounding awfully similar to prison architect. I understand if you may see this differently however I think this seems very similar to prison architect’s grant system.

No need to have grans related to meet specific requirements.

It could be like: no international flights until specific security requirements needed. Or no long range flights until catering / resupply services are built.

Even more: no night landings until lights service do not meet required criteria. No snow days activity until forecast station / snowplow services built… and so on…

Yeah, but getting rewarded for it would make the goal even sweeter than just operations during a certain day and gaining profits, instead of loosing out on one day’s profits.

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