Rushing Passengers

When I am boarding larger ( medium) aircraft people always rush and don’t follow the queue for boarding, even if the still have two hours until the plane should leave the stand. Is there anything i can do against this. It really looking silly at the moment.

Probably not, that’s the current passenger behaviour. I think this will be improved in the future.

May the boarding time starts before the plane even arrives? I have this issue with some big birds with over 300pax. When this is the case, they run all in to the plane.

Sent a bug report for this over the Xmas days

I am not even working with large stands at the moment, only medium and small. But some times, during boarding operations the passengers will start to rush to the desk, walk and stand on top of each other, or don’t even bother to stop at the boarding desk. I think this normaly happen around 15 mins into the boarding. But departure time is still 90 mins away, so no need to rush. :slight_smile:

Have you checked what the start of bording time is? You see the time again after all passengers are boarded and the agent has left the desk. Is it a normal time or a time which is before the arrival time of the aircraft?

The boarding time fits into the process. So its not a time before aircraft arrival.

Very strange, then I’m out of ideas. :slight_smile: Send it as a bug too.

yeap, already done :slight_smile:

There’s a ticket waiting in line for this issue which will be dealt with soon, but we’ve currently got more pressing Alpha 34 issues we’re working on! :slight_smile:


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