Runways & Requirements

Not sure if this should be in support as it’s not a problem but rather a need for clarification (or requirements). I think there are several topics that I come across where I know what to do, I am just not sure how to do it.

So this question is regarding runways & taxiing

I assume that runway sizes are selectable by the architect depending on what planes he wants to come to his airport. So you then select large, medium, small and make the appropriate option selections to make that runway support the aircraft.

Here are my 4 questions regarding runways.

1.Are different sizes needed? If you place a large runway and enable small, medium and large aircraft, do you need to place any medium or small runways? I assume that the large runway with the proper selectors would accommodate all your aircraft?

  1. What is the tarmac size required for the planes? The large runway entrance and exit are 6x6 I think, so do I need at least a 6 wide pathway for the large planes? Are there minimums on the width of tarmac paths for the planes?

  2. Does it affect anything in the game (ratings, or whatever) if the planes are taxi’ing and the wings go through buildings or other planes or terminal structure? If I see that happening, do I need to make more room for the aircraft to move about?

  3. If I build 2 large runways, 1 for departing and 1 for arriving, is there any circumstance where the planes wont take off because the departure direction is not toward the wind or something? If there is only 1 departing runway and the airport doesn’t want to depart the planes that way - will they depart? (Haven’t had this happen, but want to make sure if I design the airport with 2 runways.)

As usual, great game, great support, great community.

  1. A large runway will handle all sizes of aircraft (as long as they’re enabled)
  2. There is currently no minimums for taxiway widths from the point of view of planes moving around (I’ve used 1 tile wide taxiways without any issues while I wait for the money to widen it properly). As far as I can tell, it doesn’t affect ratings either (but the surface type grass, tarmac, concrete does)
  3. Don’t think so, but haven’t tried it.
  4. I don’t think that wind direction affects runway functionality (I’ve certainly never noticed it)
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