Runways allow setting take off and landing permissions for each aircraft type

Currently, you can select which aircraft are allowed to operate from the runway and wether the runway is active for landing and takes off.

I propose the two of these be combined in such a way that for each aircraft type user can select individually take off the landing. That is, I would like to have an ability to set runway to allow Take off and landing for Large planes, Landing for Medium and small planes only or some other configuration.

This would allow users to control exactly what kind of planes land and take off from each runway they have in there airports

I don’t get it. Why a runway should allow large airplane to land although allow small and medium airplanes to take off? Is there any real life example of this?

It’s all about the runway length in the end…

The Boeing 777 -300 has a take off distance of 3540m and a landing distance of 1860m.

However, in our, simplified life when we changed from RWY extensions to small/medium/large this may be over-complicating…

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For me this scenario is actual valid:
As I’m having no small runway, GA traffic puts additional load on medium runways. This can lead to delays of arriving medium flights, which can hit hard. If I could shift all GA flights to my medium departure runway, it would lead to a little longer runway queue, which doesn’t bother me…

IRL examples? Hmmm… don’t know… imho it is just a question of airfield/runway traffic organisation… and I’ve learned, that this is a tycoon game, not a simulator… :wink:

Has my vote, but I’m afraid we are a minority…

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I wouldn’t need it because I’d rather build a separate runway just for GA, but I understand your point and think it’s not a bad idea.
Problem is, votes seem to be limited to 10 so I have to save my votes for my favourite features, can’t just vote on any nice idea. :wink:


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