Runway/Taxiway Lights

I think it would be nice to have the runway and taxiway lights be more defined and bright. I notice that they are looking a bit dull, and I think if they glowed at night it would look excellent. Not a major feature, but just a little refinement suggestion


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Plenty of runway lights are directional. You won’t see them shining as bright directly from above as from the sides and some of them from the other side may use a different color. The centerline lights which are embedded in pavement insets have beams directed to their sides and not to top. I think the taxiway edge lights could be as bright from above as from the sides, as you can see on one of the photos, where you see blue lights on all taxiways, but green only on those which have beams generally in your direction (and directly above isn’t that direction).

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I guess you are right but I think that the lights would still be more visible than they are now, even if not as bright as from an angle. I think this would make the game look a little better if it was a bit brighter and glowing, especially when zooming out.

Orb is right, if you are flying overhead a runway, the lights are barely visible. I can understand wanting them to be a bit more visually appealing though. Maybe a slider in the settings could be added.

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I work at a large Airport - or I did - we’ll see what Coronavirus has to say about that.
Quite often throughout the night when it’s less busy the runway lights are dimmed, presumably to save energy. The slider idea is good, I’d like to see this.

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