Runway take off directions?

So i know its normal for planes to takeoff in different directions but currently all of my planes taxi all the way up the runway to take off in the other direction, so could they possibly be made more random to increase take off speed as surely some would want to go the other way? or could the runways have a direction switch that forces planes to takeoff in a specific direction?

When first released then planes did change direction of take off and landing, which I guess was down to wind direction.

After a few days this behaviour stopped.

Don’t know what everyone else found?


I know :wink: The first version was featured with runway direction being changed depending on the wind but this could cause a wind change in the middle of rush hour. The ATC system was not designed to handle this, so deadlocks could easily occur as traffic started coming in the other direction. We decided to set a fixed direction until a better system was developed. So until then the direction is fixed.


ahh ok, until ATC is capable of handling the more advanced system is there a possibility that you could add a switch that would alter the direction manually? my planes are all waiting for the runway to clear and i don’t really need to add a second departure runway yet :wink:

Lol, that is nice, I still prepared all recent builds on changes, never noticed the “stopped switching”. :smiley:

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