Runway orientations and prevailing winds

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Some quick thoughts regarding runways and prevailing winds. Most airports have prevailing winds, those winds that are dominant at that airport’s geographic location, and will vary by season. These winds obviously affect the runway orientations. Some airports like Los Angeles International have very little use for runways orientated more than one direction. Others, like Chicago O’Hare, utilize all kinds of different runway orientations due to lots of strong, changing winds. Strong crosswinds to a runway alignment or extreme gusts can actually cause an airport to shut down temporarily. I’m sure this affects them economically.

Just wondering if this is something you’ll be considering for the game. No idea how you’d effectively implement it.

Please. At least take the time to do a search

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Hi Pd,

I did look at the searches but didn’t see that post. Thank you. That answers my question nicely.

I would like it if additional 45° based runways, taxiways and roads - maybe even buildings - would be added. I’m aware the fact that the current 90° is based on the tiles.

My idea is that for 45° rotated objects two diagonally opposite cornes of a tile will be visually connected. If two different objects share the same tile then (e.g. taxiway & runway or runway & building/terminal) this could be handled by priorities.

runways have highest priority
taxiways have second priority
roads have third priority
buildings have lower priority
simple terrain has lowest priority

This means, the object with the higher priority will overlap objects with less priority.

These diagonal building tiles don’t need to allow further placement of other objects, like furnishings, so they will be visually only then. But it would allow more design flexibility for runways, taxiways and roads.

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