Runway not connected bug?

I’ve checked everything, and I’ve tried what I can do.
Even direct connect from runways to those 6 stands. None of them works.
I also checked taxiways, one row, two rows even three rows of taxiways none of them works.
I have no idea why. It keep says Runway Not connected (for Arrival and Departure both)

Anyone knows the reason of this?

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Make sure that every runway has a 2 taxiway ramps. They can be disfunctional but each runway must have at least 2 taxiway ramps.

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have you tried to reload the save game?
i’ve got the same problem in beta 5 and could solve it with that. since beta 6 this issue is fixed.

I was thinking the same the whole time, but it work also with only one ramp.

Arrival Big/Medium + Departure Small

Departure Big/Medium + Arrival Small

I’ve tried enter and exit taxiway for each runway but didn’t work. However as DomiWi said, I just turned game off and on again, it worked just fine. Hmm probably it was a glitch.

Whoa, This simple methods just works fine lol…
Wth was wrong with this game!

How much net profit does such an airport give per day?

If you ask me, it’s between 0 (zero) and 100k. too much stuff etc.

So did this resolve on a reload? Are you playing on beta 7?

Yes It was just worked fine after quit game and start game again. It was beta 7.1-0.

Should be permanently resolved as of beta 7.1-2.

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