Runway maintenance

Is there a way or would there be a way to make the repairs of the runway automatic?.
I don’t know, could be that every x days the runway is automatically repaired, and you just see the discount on your budget.
Also I was thinking those repairs could be done by the construction workers? (Don’t know how difficult on coding that is)


Hire a COO in your staff panel and you’re set up!

Do they automatically repair the runways/stands?

Yes they do.

Thank you so much… jajaj just find it

The repair is automatic, but only triggered when your runway/stand is at near 0% and someone is requesting to use it.

Ahhhh thank you for this explanation, i didnt know this :slight_smile: , i thought i had a lazy COO

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Guys how about the following idea?

Devs can allows determine what trigger is the best to repair runaways? For example 50% or any value you want to set.

I don’t know if there are a option to turn all repairs automatic, not just runaway.

Technically, the only manual repair you do is stand and runway. With COO, that’s pretty much gone.

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