Runway Maintenance Too High/Linking stands Service Cars Shuttles at will

Can you look at lowering the runway maintenance cost or better yet reducing the time the runway degrades. See very excessive at the moment.

Also, just like in real life the airport operations would be able to make stand, service car, airside shuttle bus changes. Currently it is near impossible to change linked service cars and shuttle buses to a new stand without totally shutting down operations. If one wants to add an additional airside bus stop and change a currently linked stand it is not a simple task at all.


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There are things that have to be considered I agree when making/planning for these services and yes making changes is a hassle/pain. Especially if you want to try and move a boarding desk.

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Yeah, Alpha 34 will have a large chunk that consists of balancing the economy. Input like this is great! :slight_smile:


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Especially if you want to try and move a boarding desk.

Yups, same for check-in desks. Would be nice to have the option to move this to another desk, for example built the new one already and it will be moved to that one. Or cancel the operation but not the flights attached, so if the new one is built the operation can just continue. Could also be a minimum of at least 1 operational desk, so you can move the other, plenty of options :wink:


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