Runway incursion/ Go around

will there be something like runway incursions and aircraft go around in the future?
the Go araound could be weather based, or when another vehicle is on the runway and an aircraft is on final approach, that the plane is told to go around.
i think this would make the airport a bit more realistic becouse anyone makes mistakes also ATC.


Or something like this

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Thats weird :scream: … But i think its to complicated for scripting

yeah that would be awesome,I don’t know much about scripting so i have no idea if it will be possible. also becouse you can have a runway incursion in many ways. like this to.

I don’t thing that’s more than eye-candy, in terms of manager. Unless of course you’re running Heathrow-sized monster, where GA makes holds delayed even more :wink:

Cheers, Adam

as a manager it is ofcourse not your problem, but it is a realistic aspect of the airport, maybe it can also bring other problems like damaged runways or damaged planes, and that is where the manager has to step in.

Not a single airport I know of, would be damaged by GA/runway intrusion. No plane is damaged during GA, this is pretty much standard procedure. As I stated before, the only things are affected are time slots (if the airport is full) and/or ATC workload.
The question is whether creators create “Airport CEO” type game, or operations simulation. In the first case, we might have a look whether for example low traffic airports (with flight schools) do a lot of missed approach/go around/touch and gos, which in turn would increase incomes on those procedures, but decrease a number of available slots for regular deparutes/arrivals. But only might, in my opinion. In the second option, yes, they’re very important, as they’ll bother anyone endlessly.
However, I don’t think GA/MA/T&G are of ANY interest in manager game.


i think you are right with this one, however i still think it might be a fun litte extra for the game. nonetheless thanks for the information and your thoughts!

Yeah, an eye-candy definitely. :slight_smile: All the same with things like pushbacks, departures and arrivals, engine stalls and bridstrikes… I guess many of us wait for the manager not to manage, but simply to watch the birds taking off and landing :slight_smile:

I wait for both:)

As manager you may or may not be interested in runway incursions perse, but it does indicate a lack of schooling for your staff…and suddenly it IS your problem :smiley:

Bird strikes could actually be your fault as a CEO. Gotta have systems in place to move birds away from the airport. Some airports have falcons that go around scaring birds around and also some siren type things.

Would be nice if staff can get overworked because you fail to add infrastructure :slight_smile:

" it does indicate a lack of schooling for your staff"

Can’t agree more :slight_smile:

“Bird strikes could actually be your fault as a CEO.”

Sure, as you point out, it’s lack of countermeasures. It could also be a property of land (no birds/few birds/many birds/birdsnest). And a couple of things. But we drift from main topic, which is incursion/GA. :slight_smile:


A go around could effect the airport more or less. During rush over it can create big problems because a new slot is hard to find. However if you have little traffic it won’t be a huge problem. Just a little delay for the airplane going around. Therefore it could be a choice for the CEO of how many slots are free for these kinds of “accidents”.


Runway incursions could be caused by poor airport sign maintenance. Poor lighting or broken lighting… or even poorly maintained paint on the taxi ways or runway edges.

or overworked/poorly maintained ATC.
if the ATC is to small and cant keep up with the pressure/ falty equipment you will have incidents on the runway.

Atc, at least beginning with tower upwards is under the control of national authorities. Only ground control (depending on the country) may be delegated to the airport authorities

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