Runway expansion and taxi nodes

I am currently using the Steam version of ACEO, however this seems to be the forum for support issues gaining the most attention.

The issue is disappearing taxi nodes upon expansion of a runway in any direction and in varying fashion.

PLEASE NOTE: I have tested this in all directions and find the same results with any runway type, taxiway type & size, hold short positions or lack thereof, numerous positioning of runways (edge vs center of the map etc.), manual taxi nodes vs auto taxi nodes, etc.

What I have deduced so far:
ref. top rwy in SS

  1. If the Rwy is expanded without the nodes visible (default “T”):
    a) Taxi nodes do not auto populate the expanded section
    b) Taxi nodes populating the current runway are removed
    c) The only remaining nodes are five, on the expansion side, from the numbers to the threshold.
  2. If the Rwy is expanded without the nodes visible AND nodes were manually applied to the runway:
    a) The same results as above, however the manually applied nodes will remain leaving a gap between the expansion, original runway nodes, and the last five on the expansion side from the number to the threshold. (i do not have a SS to illustrate this)
  3. In all tests conducted, any attempt at manually applying taxi nodes (to fill the gap) results in a “Must be on runway surface” tool tip and subsequent red icon.

The only resolution I have found to this is to activate the nodes (default “T”) before any expansion is made to the Rwy HOWEVER:
ref. bottom rwy in SS

  1. The nodes on the runway remain visible regardless of the Node visibility state
  2. The final five nodes on the expansion side, from the numbers to the threshold, are not created and can not be manually added. (same results as #3 above)

I would not have presented this but it creates numerous problems with the aircraft interaction with the runway and will cause erratic behavior (at best) / timed out aircraft on the rwy, taxiway, and stands, etc.

Looking forward to any constructive and enlightening response or inquiries, and resolution to this issue!

This is a known bug so just wait for a fix.