Runway alignment

Hi! I have a problem with the alignment and taxi node placing on my extended runways. With a north-south runway, the upper 4 blocks can’t be used with taxi nodes, while at least 2 (I think 5 if it wasn’t blocked by boundaries) blocks below the runway can be used… (see pics)

What if you build taxi routes first and then order the extension? (CRTL build taxi blocks, then extend the runway).

Yea, something seem off here. Can you submit this save on the website bug report so that we can take a look at it when possible?

AFAIK, you need to wait a while before the nodes are generated. This problem tends to happen for asphalt runway though.

Also i had this once, somewhere in v0.21.x, when I was extending in pause and tried to connect then. Reloading solved it then,but I forgot to report the bug.

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I had a similar problem, I was also able to build taxiways on top of that section of runway so was able to place the node that way.

I’ve just filed a bug report. After reloading the game a few minutes ago the alignment was even worse…

@FAQ2chief I was also able to do that, but the planes didn’t use that part as a runway, and it didn’t look very realistic :grimacing:

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I noticed that if you extend the runway unequally you get this problem. It seems to extend the runway image north and the hitbox South when you click extend north. Or visa versa.