Runway allocation

Feature request title:
Runway Allocation

In an airport with multiple runways it can allow players to allocate stands to specific runways.

Why it should be implemented:
It will help with plane path finding because it is one of the reasons causing late departures in most in game airports, sometimes even arrivals.
As well as enable users to build seperate terminals without having to join taxi ways because as it stands planes will land or takeoff at/from any runway despite distance from stand, compromising time.

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One of the best ideas, but i would like to add (if allowed) assign usage per aircraft type (allow GA and/or commercial to only land or depart).

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Still believe this is a very good idea. Even though, this is handled by Air Traffic Control and not so much the Airport Manager, I still believe allocating aircraft to certain runways might help with those massive airports.

As do many ATC’s operate within the real world, having aircraft allocated on a runway some time before landing, and not just like a minute before.

Can you do this already as you can determine landing only or take off only runways and you can already stop GA or Comercial aircraft using the runway.

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@Stu yes you can but you can’t allow a GA to only land and a commecial to land and depart (or different if required).

I would love to have to option to set a runway for GA to land but not depart and another runway that will allow GA to depart but not to land while Commercial can do both.

Not very realistic to be honest. You already have a lot of options to decide which aircraft can land on a runway which should help solving problems.

I agree. If you consider how much of an alteration in a planes long distance approach it would be to enter the flight pattern for a different runway, but their gate availability was still a developing process… I like the runways they way they are for now to be honest. Just have to think a little bit bigger picture to make the planes travel in the directions you want them to… which is what ground ops is all about. Detroit’s Wayne County would do well to play this game… you taxi forever at that damn place, although I’d bet a nickel Delta pays the aiport quietly (or openly) to get priority runway access/distance.

Wonderful idea! This will especially come in handy when planes our going all the way across the map to take off.

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