Rope/Ribbon Barrier Tape

Feature request title:

Rope / Ribbon Barriers


Just like the seasonal decoration we got last December to pretty up the airports, we could have the mainstay of guiding people to where they need to go with rope/ribbon barriers.

Why it should be implemented:

To the flow and guide PAX around the terminal, to separate Arrival and Departing, to build queues where we currently cannot. To enhance the current queue barriers to allow more flexibility. Secure other areas off from others etc. Endless uses.

Images, references or additional content:


Yeah, good idea, technically I think they could function just like walls, just a different texture

They should be thinner than walls, more like the decorations shown on the tope image.

So like on the edge between 2 tiles, not in the center of one tile?

Yeah, have you not seen the decoration in game?

Yeah, but it was a long time ago and I didn’t really like the look so rarely used it :slight_smile:

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