Room Templates

Hello all!
I would like to announce my latest Airport CEO project: Room Templates. These are downloadable templates from the steam workshop with all objects needed for that room placed down and arranged nicely. These include shops, bathrooms, and food rooms. They are meant to be placed down when you don’t have enough time to build a shop (for example) yourself. Also, both the shop rooms and the food room should be able to host every type of franchise, so all requirements are already met. I will be added more to the steam collection.

You can find them here:

Please just try them out and tell me what you think.


Reserved for future updates!

In my experience male bathrooms tend to be 50% cubicle and 50% urinals…

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On future bathroom variations, I will make the change! :slight_smile:

Also, good to see people downloading (and hopefully using) them!

More templates are out!
Check out the new bathroom sizes/variations! I will add some more templates soon!

See the collection with them here!