Roads on taxiways with a way to show lights

if you didn’t know, you can place roads on taxiways but did you also know that you can have the lights through the road?
simple, to get this:

place grass roads on the taxiway, the road will still be technically grass, but it looks like whatever you placed it over


or what i did. Use the same ground than you have used for your taxiway - so it has the same destroying rate :wink:

So all my service road are asphalt … but when they cross taxiway they are concrete.

If you want parking Lots to look like your road you can place some tiles (concrete or asphalt) under it you can find the tiles in the section aircraft stuff - aircraft stands, taxiways and the tiles.

i already know about the tills thing :wink:

you can also place those tills under the food making thing (my brain isn’t working)
you can also place road on terminal