Road traffic not arriving at airport?

In my game road traffic arrives at the start of the game but stops appearing within a few minutes. I have to keep saving and loading the game in order to get road traffic arriving at the airport

i’ve the same issue than you dude … People get stuck in buses park they can’t living my airport and nobody come in my airport .
Traffic has stopped it’s weird

ok are you on experimental?

Yes …

same here

devs need to fix it now … i can’t play like i want.!!!

i know

@Olof and @Fredrik any ideas what is causing the issue?

Looking into it now.

We’re pretty sure that the issue is caused by an enum parsing issue when aviation fuel trucks spwn. There’s a new update coming tonight that should fix it.

Edit: Looks like it might need some more work. Ultimate fix will come torrow.

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ok thanks

Yes Dude,same here !

What game version are you on?

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