Resources mismatch

Now that I have two Terminals I have been monitoring flights
I have noticed that the Turnaround time is being delayed by boarding
The passengers are at the gate
However for fully booked Large aircraft this can take a long time, an excessively long time!
As an example
One A380 I watched took nearly nine hours to board all 518 passengers!

I have pretty matched up all the resources by aircraft type :

Medium aircraft -
Two Check In desks
One of each truck
One Boarding desk

Large aircraft -
Three Check In desks
One of each truck, optional large pushback truck, optional large fuel truck
One Boarding desk

It is the lack of additional Boarding desks that is causing the issue
Is it possible to allocate two or more to one stand?

Add more boarding desks and assign them to stand. I got usually 8-9 automatic boarding gates for each large stand.

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I have been testing with one Large stand, but have been unable to add additional Boarding Desks

Current :
One Medium Boarding Desk

Adding :
One Small (Automatic) Boarding Gate

Small Boarding Gate
Not Connected

I still cannot assign Automatic Boarding Gates to Large stands

However, if I can eventually add a second Medium Boarding Desk
It does take several attempts, but some stands still refuse to accept the second desk


In the Gameplay Settings
Untick -
Autoconnect boarding desks to stand

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