Reset Passangers location?

I’ve been working on my airport for a few hours now and decided to go for some medium planes. after working out the smal stand, path and zoning mechanic i assumed i could use the same logic on medium stands. low and behold, i was wrong. however, it physically let me schedule flights and stuff, would let passangers offload successfully but not board. i now have 400+ passangers milling around at the terminal but cant get in!

is there a way to reset the passenager location so i can fix the construction?

Have they not gone home? I know when some of mine don’t board there plane, they eventually go home.

A screen shot would be handy if you can?

i ended up fixing it by editing the JSOM file for persons (just changed their location “X:” location to 0 and then used F10 to send everyone home. seems to have fixed it!

it’s the only save i’ve played where i’ve not gone bankrupt! really enjoying the game! would love a quick way of upgrading service roads! and to fix runways automatically.