Research tree

I am putting this out here for all to comment.

An idea is to rework the research part a little bit to be more rewarding. What do i mean.

Well when we start off we start off small so of course we in realistic enviroment wont be able to afford the sky-bridges etc… or even big stands with all supporting equipment or the staff due to the finacial restrictions.

This is the process that all small airfields go through kinda.

so why not do this with the research tree, when we get our crew together, our board of directors and everything gets started, traffic starts to flow slowly and we get some finances going we start to research, for that we need head of development in the airport, which opens up basics… then those basic lets call them technologies open up new ones – which can be all these wonderful ideas we have here… let people research them, which gives different paths, pax satisfaction or airline satisfaction… not everyone has to research everything since most airlines have different requirements for the higher ratings.

so imagine something like a tree like structure that civilization is using to progress through research…

what do u guys think… i would really like to hear opinions about this, because its one of the topics that make people strive to making bigger better airport.


I think done in the right way it could be good. I also think it should be something for the longer term Short to medium term I think the priority should be performance, both in terms of speed and bugs, and also the general UI improvement that is being worked on. It isn’t worth adding lots of features if the game is going to grind to a halt. I can’t speak for anyone else but I would rather have less features for now and a game that runs smoothly, even at the fastest speed.

Is that not what the current system allows for!

It is more just unlocking things at the moment. A research tree would make it more interesting as for example you start with a basic product and then you can research the medium quality product and only after researching that can you research the high quality product. You would also be able to decide if you research one area fully first or gradually get everything to medium and then go on to high.

But that is unrealistic. When I want nicer furniture in my house I don’t have to go out and learn how to make it I just need to earn more! The unlocking of processes and capability is more akin to an upfront cost of determining what items to purchase or a feasibility study

It doesn’t have to be called research. It could be just simply getting the money to unlock things, but I can see where the game can be more in depth by having to unlock/research more. It would allow you to choose more which way the airport went, at least in the beginning when income is lower.

Tree in EVE onilne, evolution and mastery per subject.

The procurement system is already fine for this, and it’s even more comprehensive (since it can include stuffs that doesn’t make sense to be “researched”). I.e. you can “procure” license to operate night flights, security certification, etc.

What I would change is moving vehicle procurement out of that tab. I mean, why is vehicles included in that tab, but construction and furniture is not? Are they not part of procurement?

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This is more along the lines of the “history” or campaign mode, while keeping it in the same period of time. I like the idea of more structured unlocks, and I think they’ll probably add some form of this toward the end of the dev cycle (or at least I hope they do). That being said, if it’s not in v1, I’d hope that it were added post-release.

I like this, good idea

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