Reputation System Idea

Hey there, I was just thinking about this while writing another idea. (It can be found here

What is it?
Well, there would be like 2 reputations: Aviation Reputaion and Airline Reputation. The Aviation Reputation is a reputation that affects all the airliners, while Airline Reputation will only affect a specific airline.

What difference would it make?
Well, if you have a high reputation, you earn more money from contractors, if you have a low reputation you earn less money. Aviation Reputation would be lowered/raised by delays basically. If you have to delay a flight, you lose a bit of reliability, if you make 2 flights depart on time, you raise it a bit. Airline Reputation takes in factor check-ins, delays and more. The Airline Reputation lowers dramatically if you delay a flight, have too much check-in lines etc. If you have a flight depart on time, you earn loads of reputation.

How would reputation affect gameplay
Well, if you have a high reputation within the aviation, contractors will be willing to offer you more time to schedule flights and would pay you a bit more. If you have a low reputation, you have to fit flights on a tighter schedule and airliners will be willing to pay less.

If you have a high airline reputation, the airline in question will be willing to pay more money, give you more flights and if it hits a certain number, the airline asks for you to be their hub. If you have a low reputation, airlines will pay less, will give you very little flights and if it hits a certain number, the airline stops operating entirely.

How would you make an airline start operating again?
Well, if you hit a certain number in aviation reputation, the airline will begin operating again, with low reputation, you’ll have to build it up to a good value.

There could also be a situation in where if you become a hub of an airline, other airlines will have a lower reputation with you.

Thanks for reading! Any questions? Ask in the comments!

One of the better “Career Mode” ideas I’ve seen. This would be a challenge and give some great goals.

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This is a really good break down and as @jkernitzki adds some nice progression to the gameplay.

I think it’s all planned, because you can see the reputation percentages in the main module in game. However, I definitely think something deeper involving the factors you’ve mentioned like timeliness etc. would be great. Hubs have also been suggested before too, so hopefully they’ll all make it eventually :slight_smile:

Great idea, worked out nicely. But we should look at how much impact negative events (delays etc.) have at your reputation. Two delays per day isn’t much of a bad thing and therefore shouldn’t hurt your reputation that much. And delay by weather effects (not implemented yet) shouldn’t have any effect at all.

They already have included a system of happiness, though it appers to be affected only by fees at the moment (for landing, use of stands). I don’t know what the thoughts of the devs are on how this will be expanded.

On-time ARR/DEP should obviously be in.
Amenities (dining, shopping, hotels)
For shops, sales targets met.

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