Reputation / negotiate contracts

Hey guys,
We Start with a small Airport. How do We get better contracts, bigger airplanes and better Shops? With a reputation System? And can We negotiate contracts?
I am so curious!!! Hope Q1 '17 is still current…

Thanks a lot !

I suppose from the things I’ve read and while working at an Airport myself you have to reach certain happiness levels of the Airlines.

  • Gate is available when AC arrives
  • Boarding is on time and Staff is available at the Boarding desk
  • No Passengers angry while boarding
  • No Passenger still stuck somewhere at the Airport to reach the AC e.g. still in Security Check
  • Departure on time
  • Landing & Departure fees appropriate
  • Gate/Stand fees appropriate
  • Slots being used in the correct time frame the Airline wishes e.g. Airlines wishes to land at 7am to 8am, do not move the slot to 10am
  • Fuel Costs at the airport
  • Passenger handling fees
  • Overnight Stay costs
  • Hangar usage costs

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