Report a bug, how can I find the Code [ACEO-XXXX]?

Hello guys, I reported a bug and now I want to add additional files, how can I do this?
I can not find my bug report at and I don’t know the Bug-Code [ACEO-???]. Can anybody help?

My bug was about the tank cars which stop refueling the airplanes.

Thanks :slight_smile:

you cant :slight_smile: if you want to give more info, make a new issue.
Aceo-3534 was your issue number. Include that

Ok thank you :slight_smile:

I reported the bug again my new issue number is: ACEO-3540

It is possible to see the progression from my bug? :slight_smile:

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Not right now, when a bug is submitted it’s hidden until we have time to process it. This is due to privacy and report quality concerns, for now at least.

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Also, Jira charges additional fees for each person who has access to view the bug reports.

Named persons.

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