Repair/Maintenance Tab

Has there been any consideration to upgrading the repair system in the game. Like maybe adding a button on the Operations Tab to deal with repairs, where you would see:

  • List all runways and their condition
  • List all plane stands and their condition
  • List any other items (bathroom, waste cans, etc) that can be repaired or emptied
  • Have the ability to repair/maintain items one at a time, or have the ability to select all items of a grouping (all stands, all runways, all others), get a TOTAL cost to repair all, and have the ability to repair all items of that grouping without individually clicking on them

I was hoping that proactive maintenance would take care of something like this but it doesn’t, and especially plane stands are difficult to click (because you often have planes on them and there are many sands in some cases).

Would love to see an improvement in this area.

Do you have a COO hired? Hiring a COO will enable automatic repairs for aircraft infrastructure.

This should be feature request, right?

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I do have a COO. I have all executive positions filled. I am also at the point where I have every option on the Operations tab enabled, and I am not seeing runways or airplane stands automatically maintained…unless there is a very low remaining % for that to kick in. I usually start manually repairing runways and stands when they get under 40% condition.

Is there a specific percentage where automatic repairs happens?

EDIT: I do see now it says 25% is when auto-repairs kick in. Is that adjustable?

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No that’s not adjustable, not really sure why you would want to start repairing things at 40%? Sounds expensive?

One of the tool tips on airline satisfaction does (or did) talk about keeping stands and runways in good repair. Does the satisfaction remain unaffected as long as the stand or runway is above 25%? I’ve wondered about that at times and wondered if I should manually repair a runway or stand that’s starting to graphically show damage to keep satisfaction up.

(Also, sometimes I manually repair a stand or runway if I’m making a high profit that hour so I can take the tax write-off.)

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I would like it at 80%, even if it is expensive.

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