Render distance addition (Optimization)

The game, when fully zoomed out, taxes computers by very much. I believe we should have some sort of render distance feature where as you zoom out more, more thing become lower quality, or even removed from the screen, like passengers. This would help performance by a lot as it would be less for the game to render at one time. I’ve noticed that no matter what graphics setting you’re on, it always drops to the same amount (20-30fps for me) when fully zoomed out. This is a problem that could only be fixed with that. Along with this idea, items off screen could be offloaded for better performance, UNLESS the game was built in a way where the object NEEDS to be there in order for everything to function. Take Parkitect for example, where they have an object render distance, so that anything that doesn’t really need to be full quality are made lower in quality until they don’t need to be shown anymore. Sorry if this was a bit confusing, I hope the point got across well.

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