Remove ALL orphan baggage and passengers missed flights (Reset passenger and baggage when their destination is not reachable)

Feature request title:

Remove all passengers and baggage missed their flights, reset passengers and baggage whenever their destination is not reachable.


When passengers missed their flights due to whatever reason (pathfinding error, too long route etc.), their baggage are backed up at the check-in and scanning station. Those orphan baggage will not be processed and just stuck there waiting for a removal. However, this will result in the further delay of the baggage process for the next flight. And here we go again.

Why it should be implemented:

So far the pathfinding algorithm isn’t perfect, passengers from flights of yesterday stay all night at the airport because their destination is not reachable. They will stay there instead of going home, as well as their baggage.
(Yes I know there’s an option “send all passengers home” in the debug panel. However, this will send all passengers home, including general passengers with realtiem active tasks. Flights won’t take off if passengers are missing which ends up with further delay.)
(“Unoccupy convey belt node” doesn’t work for scanning stations, click “mark for removal” for every orphan baggage is time-consuming and exhausting.)
The more passengers and orphan baggage stuck at the station, the game lags worse and it makes it unplayable because of all delay flights.

Images, references or additional content:
There is a game called “Airline Tycoon Deluxe”, it’s a discontinued and old game but its pathfinding algorithm is perfect. When a passenger doesn’t have a destination or task. They are sent home automatically. You can check it out.

For passengers and orphan baggage, if they don’t have a task because their original destination or objective is unreachable. You can modify the script to tell them the new destination or objective is “Home” or “Leaving the airport”. So you can send them home immediately.
This can be done automatically whenever they can’t reach the destination, make sure there is no passenger nor orphan baggage from the previous day still stay at the airport next day.
SimAirport has implemented this feature and it works very well.
Please consider adding this or something similar, it will enhance the performance and joy when playing Airport CEO.


I essentially want to bump this post. I’m drawn to airport ceo not because its a prefect game but because the devs care so much about the community, giving me a sense of security that a great game will continue to grow, and perhaps iron out some of its quirks. This, and pathfinding imporvments in general, seem like an important step on the path.

Sidenote, I love the old airport/airline games/tycoon; and this game brings a lot of that back; and thats really special.


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