Remotestand: Bus wait endless for arriving passengers

Hey together,
does anybody else has this issue too, that a shuttel bus wait at a remote stand, the stair truck is also present, but the bus wait till endless for the passengers and in the stand panel deboarding set as completed.?
Version is last Experimental.

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I’m a bit surprised about the display showing deboarding finished but with 0/46. Would recommend to file a bug report through the ingame menu.
Did you already try saving and reloading? Some issues just solve themselves after reloading.

I am too :joy:
I have does now a restart. I will monitor this. Problem is, this happens reandomly.

If restart does not solve it, I will open a ticket.

Did you change passenger spawn raion on settings?

It seems, that it works after restart.
I think, it was happen after a gate change, during rebuildings over night.

Well, strange indeed, but a lot of the remote stand systems are getting pretty major changes with Alpha 33 and support for multiple airside shuttle buses and stair trucks for large aircraft. Am also running extensive tests to make sure things work better than before so… I won’t act on this report, or any other remote report, until Alpha 33 is available on internal or experimental branches.

Post is more to see as a notice. :wink:

Restart solve it - currently. But sometimes it’s crazy.

Waiting for 33 :star_struck:


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